Kingfisher Natours is a project formed by a team of highly experienced photographers and travelers in all kinds of trips.


We are a young group and we like to surround ourselves with a dynamic and enthusiastic spirit.


Within our objectives we have the purpose that not only the traveler benefits from the experience, but also, we want to contribute something in those places we visit, contributing to a social benefit and helping local areas to survive thanks to an economic engine through sustainable tourism.


We maintain absolute respect not only for nature, flora and fauna, but also for those local areas that protect a different culture and traditions from ours.




Our corporate image is that of one of the most fascinating and suggestive birds of the Spanish lberian Peninsula and other areas of the world globe.


A close and at the same time global bird,simple and at the same time striking, patient and at the same time active.


A bird that migrates, and is rarely observed hunting any of its preyunderwater, offering one of the most fascinating scenes on a small scale.


We offer quality trips, sometimes far from the tourist areas abused by the R.R.S.S.


We believe that there is still much to discover and we intend to do it with the utmost respect and care.


An incredible bird, just how we want your experiences with us to be.

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